A Yellow belt practitioner is given an introduction to the American Kenpo System while developing a working knowledge of the basics - the foundation of the Art. Under Ed Parker's system Yellow contains 10 techniques. These techniques are the foundations for most, if not all, of the techniques in later belts.


  1. Delayed Sword (Front -- defense against a right hand lapel grab)
  2. Alternating Maces (Front -- defense against a two-hand push)
  3. Sword of Destruction (Front -- defense against a lefthand straight punch, roundhouse, or hook)
  4. Deflecting Hammer (Front -- defense against a right front thrust kick)
  5. Captured Twigs (Rear -- defense against a bear hug, arms pinned)
  6. Grasp of Death (Left flank -- right arm headlock)
  7. Checking the Storm (Front -- right step-through overhead club)
  8. Mace of Aggression (Front -- two-hand lapel grab, pulling in)
  9. Attacking Mace (Front -- right step through straight punch)
  10. Sword and Hammer (Right flank -- left hand shoulder grab)

Katas and Forms Edit

Star Block Set
Short One First Side

The above Kata are all that are required Under Parker Kenpo but Sensei Norman also requires
Universal 1

Terminology and SayingsEdit

  • sword - Knife edge of the hand
  • mace - fists
  • storm - Club Attack
  • twigs - arms
  • hammer - hammer fist
  • Distance is your best friend
  • When blocking on the inside of an opponent's arm, do so below the elbow, never above it.
  • When blocking on the outside of an opponent's arm, do so at or above the elbow never below it.
  • The ankle is the wrist of the foot