Begin in Meditative Horse Stance

  • Drop into a left Neutral Bow
  • Execute a left back fist
  • Twist to a left Forward Bow and execute a right vertical punch, chamber left hand
  • Execute a right roundhouse kick landing in a wide right horse stance
  • Shuffle left foot forward to execute a right side kick
  • Twist to a right Forward bow and execute a left horizontal punch
  • Drop left knee to the ground, chamber left hand and execute a right vertical punch
  • With left knee still on the ground pivot torso to 6:00, place hands on the ground, look back to 12:00 and execute a right back kick
  • With left knee still on the ground return to kneeling position and execute a left ridge hand strike
  • With left knee still on the ground execute a right inward hand sword
  • Stand into a meditative horse stance
  • repeat side 2

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