Short 3 is known as the elbow form.

  • SET 1: Destructive Twins
  1. From an attention stance, step forward into a right neutral bow while doing left horizontal punch to face and right uppercut punch to groin.
  2. Left hand pins across your chest then right inward block into a left outward block while moving into right forward bow.
  3. Left 4 fingered eye poke to attackers face then left hand cocks back to your waist as you do a right horizontal thrust punch low.
  4. Slide your right leg back into a cat stance as you bring both hands down in front of you (palm up) then step forward into a right neutral bow while bringing your hands up, flicking up attackers eyes then do double thumb poke to attackers eyes.
  • SET 2: Crashing Wings
  1. Step right side into horse stance while doing 2 downward elbows to attackers forearms.
  2. Left foot slides over to your right foot then shoots back to 7:30 into a right reverse bow (body facing 1:30, head facing 7:30).
  3. Pivot in place left into a left neutral bow facing 7:30 while doing a left side elbow to attackers face with a right inward hammer fist to attackers solar plexus, ending in a left forward bow facing 7:30.
  • SET 3: Twirling Wings
  1. Slide your right foot to your left foot then step back to 3:00 with your right foot, turning to your right into a # right forward bow as you do a right outward block and left inward elbow.
  • SET 4: Circling Wings
  1. As you step to 1:30 with your left foot into a left forward bow, pull your right arm across your body to pin attackers hand on your neck.
  2. Do a right downward elbow (clearing attackers arm from your neck), grab attackers right arm with your right hand and pull in while doing a left 2 fingered eye poke.
  3. Do a right upward elbow to attackers face and turn left into a left reverse bow while doing a right hammer fist to attackers groin.
  • SET 5: Crossing Talons
  1. Grab your right wrist with your left hand and settle into a horse stance (transitional).
  2. Step to 7:30 with your left foot into a horse stance (facing 10:30) and do a left outward elbow into a left overhead downward elbow.
  • SET 6: Scraping Hoof
  1. Stand up as you slide your left foot toward your right while doing a back head butt, shooting your fists down in front of you and cocking your right foot (up on the ball of your foot).
  2. Do a right heel kick to attackers left shin (behind you) followed by a right side kick to attackers right shin (behind you), stomping down on attackers foot.
  • SET 7: Fatal Cross
  1. Bring your right foot over to your left into a left cat stance while hooking your hands out and back past your hips. At the same time do a forward head butt.
  2. As you step forward into a right neutral bow, do double uppercuts to attackers solar plexus.
  3. Pull your arms back to your chest (arms crossed - left on top) then out into crossed double back knuckles to face.
  4. Pull your arms back to your chest (arms crossed - left on top) then into crossed double eye pokes (keep fingers even!).
  • SET 8: Grip of Death
  1. Step to 12:00 with your left foot and drag your right leg up into a left close kneel stance as you do a left inward hammerfist to attackers groin and a right inward hammerfist to attackers kidney.
  2. Right hand tracks up attackers back, hooks attackers chin and anchors as you turn to 6:00 into a right forward bow and do a left heel palm to at attackers face. As you are doing the heel palm, wrap your right arm around your back.
  • SET 9: Locked Wing
  1. As you counter grab with your right hand, do an inverted step thru reverse (left leg steps back to 4:30 BEHIND your right leg) while doing left rear elbow to attackers face.
  2. Your left arm continues it's motion and circles down to wrap around attackers right arm and shoot forward and down (palm up).
  3. Bring your left fist up to your left shoulder (trapping attackers arm) as you step back with your right foot.
  4. Release your right hand and bring it forward on top of attacker's head as you step through with a right knee strike to attackers face landing to 10:30.
  • SET 10: Crossed Twigs
  1. With both your hands at your side, step to 10:30 with your left foot leading with both of your hands (pulling attacker off balance).
  2. Turn right while doing a right side elbow to attackers face into an overhead downward elbow to attackers spine.
  3. Place both hands on attacker head and do a left knee to their face planting back in your original position (horse stance facing 1:30).
  • SET 11: Wings of Silk
  1. With your hands at your sides, your left hands pinches behind as your left foot stomps.
  2. Do a right upward obscure elbow to attackers chin with a right scoop kick to attackers groin as your left arm and shoulder sink down.
  3. Your right foot steps to the left of your left foot (in tight) then your left foot steps around to the left of your right foot (turning your body 360 degrees to end up beside attacker).
  4. With your left hand pinning attacker's arm to your chest, do a right uppercut to break their elbow.
  • SET 12: Conquering Shield
  1. Pin attackers left hand on your chest with your left hand and septa 12:00 with a right front ball Kick, while doing right inward hammering block that rises upward.
  2. Do a right downward elbow to attackers bicep, a right upward elbow to attackers chin followed by a right downward heel palm claw to attackers face.
  • SET 13: Striking Serpents Head
  1. Step back to 7:30 with your right foot with your right hand checking at face level as you do a left inward back knuckle to the back of attackers head (in towards your face).
  2. Anchor your left elbow and do a right half fist (palm down) to attackers face.
  3. Step counter clockwise with your right foot to 3:00 into a horse stance facing 12:00 and move up to an attention stance.

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