Orange Belt Pledge: I understand that I am but a beginner in a new and fascinating art which will direct me to greater obligations and responsibilities. To honor my obligations and responsibilities, I pledge to myself to serve my instructor, fellow students, and fellow man.


  1. Clutching Feathers (front left hand hair grab)
  2. Triggered Salute (front right hand direct push)
  3. Dance Of Death (front right straight punch left foot forward)
  4. Gift Of Destruction (front right unfriendly handshake)
  5. Locking Horns (front right arm headlock)
  6. Lone Kimono (front left hand lapel grab)
  7. Glancing Salute (front right hand cross-push)
  8. Five Swords (front right step-through roundhouse punch)
  9. Scraping Hoof (full nelson)
  10. Grip Of Death (left flank right arm headlock)
  11. Crossing Talon (front right hand cross wrist grab)
  12. Shielding Hammer (front left step-through hooking punch)
  13. Thrusting Salute (right front thrust kick)
  14. Striking Serpents Head (front bear hug, arms free)
  15. Locked Wing (hammerlock)
  16. Obscure Wing (right flank left hand shoulder grab)
  17. Reversing Mace (front left step-through straight punch)
  18. Buckling Branch (front left step-through kick)

Kata and FormsEdit

Short One both sides
Kicking Set 1
The above Kata are all that are required Under Parker Kenpo but Sensei Norman also requires
Universal 2