Orange Technique Edit

  • Turn your head to the left (towards attackers elbow) to free your windpipe.
  • Step forward with your right foot toward 11 o'clock and deliver a right upward vertical ridge hand to opponent's groin while simultaneously having your left hand check opponent's right thigh just above the knee
  • Immediately follow-up with a right vertical obscure elbow strike to opponent's jaw while keeping in a low right neutral bow .
  • After snapping the elbow to opponent's jaw loop your right elbow and strike again having it drive from 1 o'clock down to 7 o'clock to the left side of opponent's jaw as your left heel of palm hooks in and strikes opponent's right jaw..

Considerations for First Brown Belt Edit

Name Locking Horns
Belt Orange
Family Grouping: Chokes and Locks
Attacker's Position: Front
Use Against: Right are Headlock
Is part of:
Base Techniques: