Green Belt Pledge: I pledge a continued effort to sharpen my skills, to increase my knowledge, and to broaden my horizons. I shall obligate myself under the direction of my instructor to learn the skills of a teacher, which will enable me to teach my skills in the prescribed manner outlined by Mr. Parker.


  1. Defying the Storm (Front -- right step-through roundhouse club)
  2. Raking Mace (Front -- two-hand lapel grab, pulling in)
  3. Snaking Talon (Front -- two-hand push)
  4. Shield and Mace (Front -- right step-through punch)
  5. Retreating Pendulum (Front -- right thrusting heel kick)
  6. Tripping Arrow (Front -- bear hug, arms free)
  7. Fallen Cross (Rear -- two-hand choke)
  8. Returning Storm (Front -- inward roundhouse and backhand club)
  9. Crossed Twigs (Rear -- two-hand grab to the wrists)
  10. Twist of Fate (Front -- two-hand push)
  11. Flashing Mace (Front -- right step-through punch)
  12. Gift of Destiny (Handshake)
  13. Wings of Silk (Rear -- two-arm arm lock)
  14. Gripping Talon (Front -- left direct grab to the right wrist)
  15. Gathering Clouds (Front -- right step-through punch)
  16. Destructive Twins (Front -- two-hand choke, pulling in)
  17. Broken Ram (Front -- tackle)
  18. Circling the Horizon (Front -- right step-through punch)

Short Form 3
Coordination Set 2