Yellow Belt Technique Edit

  • Turn your head to the left to clear your windpipe
  • With your right hand execute a sharp knuckle strike to the top of the attacker's right hand while simultaneously executing a left hammer fist upwards to opponent's groin.
  • Move your left foot past attackers right foot to 1:00 have your right hand bring his right arm over your head and down your chest. Bend forward slightly pinning attacker's arm while still controlling attacker's right hand with your right hand.
  • Execute a left outward elbow to attackers mastoid. On recoil replace your right hand with your left hand, still maintaining control of attacker's right arm and hand.
  • Immediately execute a right vertical punch to attacker's mastoid.

Name Grasp of Death
Belt Yellow
Family Grouping: Headlock
Attacker's Position: Left flank
Use Against: right arm headlock
Is part of:
Base Techniques: Hammerfist, Outward Elbow

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