Orange Technique Edit

  • Step forward with your left foot to 11 o'clock (into a left neutral bow) to get out of the line of attack. Execute a left inward block as your right arm checks low to the right of your body.
  • With your left hand still checking your opponent's right hand, strike to the opponent's groin with a right upward ridge hand
  • Pivot into a left forward bow.
  • Immediately step through and to your left to 10 o'clock into a right neutral bow with your right foot to buckle opponent's right knee (alternate: right knee to the groin) as you execute a right inward elbow while your left hands grabs back of opponent's right knee and pulls toward. you so that your left hand grab concludes the grab (after sliding along the leg) at your opponent's right ankle.
  • Left hands holds attackers ankle across your left thigh (close to your hip) (with your left forearm pressing down on attackers toes) and your right knee presses just above attackers left knee to check that leg. Do a right whipping downward hand sword to attackers groin.

Considerations for First Brown Belt Edit

Name Dance of Death
Belt Orange
Family Grouping: Punch
Attacker's Position: Front
Use Against: defense against right straight punch; left foot forward
Is part of:
Base Techniques: