Yellow Belt Technique Edit

  • Step to 9:00 with your left foot and sink into a Horse Stance while doing a back elbow to opponent's solar plexus
  • Execute a right Back Hammerfist to attackers groin
  • Turn your body towards 3:00 as you slide your right foot towards your left foot into a right Cat Stance and use your arms (and the turning motion) to free yourself from attackers arms.
  • Execute an obscure elbow to attacker's chin then track your forearm down the attacker's torso while pushing them away
Name Alternating Maces
Belt Yellow
Family Grouping: Hug
Attacker's Position: Rear
Use Against: defense against a bear hug, arms pinned
Is part of:
Base Techniques: Horse Stance, Back Hammerfist, Cat Stance, Obscure Elbow