Blue Belt Pledge: I shall never let pride rule my passions and will defend, with all the skill I possess, the weak, the helpless, and the oppressed. I pledge an unswerving loyalty to my art, my fellow students, and my instructor. In addition, I pledge an unending effort to earn the self-same loyalty from those who look to me for training.


  1. Calming the Storm (front right step-through roundhouse club)
  2. Darting Mace (front two-hand wrist grab)
  3. Hooking Wings (front two-hand low push)
  4. Shield and Sword (front left step-through punch)
  5. Gift in Return (front unfriendly handshake)
  6. Bow of Compulsion (front wrist lock against opponent's chest)
  7. Obstructing the Storm (front right step-through overhead club)
  8. Twin Kimono (front two-hand lapel grab pushing out)
  9. Sleeper (front right step-through straight punch)
  10. Spiraling Twig (rear bear hug, arms free)
  11. Cross of Destruction (rear two-hand choke)
  12. Flight to Freedom (hammerlock)
  13. Begging Hands (Front -- two-hand grab to wrists)
  14. Thrusting Wedge (Front -- two-hand high push)
  15. Flashing Wings (Front -- right step-through punch)
  16. Hugging Pendulum (Front -- right thrusting knife-edge kick)
  17. Repeating Devastation (Full nelson)
  18. Entangled Wing (Front -- arm lock)

Kata and FormsEdit

Striking set
Stance Set 1
Short Form 2

The above Kata and Forms are required for Parker Kenpo. Sensei Norman also requires the following:
Universal 4