Yellow Belt Technique Edit

  • Step back with your left foot into a left Neutral Bow while doing a left Inward Block, closing attackers center line. Right hand checks at waist.
  • Open left hand as a check and move into a left Forward Bow while doing a right Horizontal Thrust punch to attackers ribs to open their center line.
  • Circle your right hand clockwise down, in, over, and around your opponent's right arm as you counter grab your opponent's wrist.
  • Immediately pull your opponent down and toward you while delivering a right roundhouse kick to the attacker's mid-section.
  • Drop forward into a right neutral bow while executing a left vertical punch to attacker's right kidney with your right knee inside of and pressing up against your opponent's right knee
Name Attacking Mace
Belt Yellow
Family Grouping: Punch
Attacker's Position: Front
Use Against: right step through straight punch
Is part of:
Base Techniques: Neutral Bow, Inward Block, Forward Bow