Red Belt Pledge:Edit

I understand that like a doctor, the private affairs of students and fellow instructors that come to my attention during the exercising of my responsibilities are privileged communications and must never be discussed with any living soul. I vow that I will never violate this pledge nor any other for the sake of personal benefit.


  1. Securing the Storm (Front -- right roundhouse club)
  2. Intercepting the Ram (Front -- tackle)
  3. Kneel of Compulsion (Right flank -- right step-through punch)
  4. Clipping the Storm (Front -- right thrusting club)
  5. Glancing Wing (Front -- left uppercut punch)
  6. The Back Breaker (Right flank -- right step-through punch)
  7. Glancing Spear (Front -- right direct, left wrist grab)
  8. Thrust into Darkness (Rear -- right step-through punch)
  9. Circling Fans (Front -- left & right front straight punch combination)
  10. Rotating Destruction (Front -- right snap & left spinning back kicks)
  11. Falcons of Force (Flank -- left & right shoulder grabs / 2-men)
  12. The Bear and the Ram (Front -- right punch / Rear -- bear hug, arms free / 2-men)
  13. Raining Lance (Front -- right step-through overhead knife)
  14. Desperate Falcons (Front -- two-hand direct grabs to both wrists)
  15. Leap of Death (Front -- right step-through straight punch)
  16. Protecting Fans (Front -- left & right punch combination)
  17. Deceptive Panther (Front -- right low snap kick & high roundhouse kick combo)
  18. Courting the Tiger (Flank -- left & right arm & shoulder grabs / 2-men)

Short Form 4
Kicking Set 2
Staff Set 1
Spontaneous Form