First Degree Brown Belt Pledge:Edit

I honor and hold sacred the right of all men to protect themselves. I further hold that as a trained Martial Artist in Kenpo, I will take upon myself all obligations and responsibilities deemed sacred to my personal beliefs, my family, my country, and my art.


  1. Gathering of the Snakes (Front -- left punch / Rear -- right punch / 2-men)
  2. Glancing Lance (Front -- right step-through knife thrust)
  3. Dominating Circles (Front -- offset right hand grab to the right shoulder)
  4. Destructive Fans (Left flank -- right step-through punch)
  5. Unfurling Crane (Front -- left & right punch combination)
  6. Grasping Eagles (Front -- right lapel grab / Rear -- right arm grab / 2-men)
  7. Parting of the Snakes (Front -- right punch / Rear -- attempt / 2-men)
  8. Thrusting Lance (Front -- right step-through knife thrust)
  9. Blinding Sacrifice (Front -- two-hand shoulder grab)
  10. Snakes of Wisdom (Flank -- left & right shoulder grabs / 2-men)
  11. Entwining Lance (Front -- right step-through knife thrust)
  12. Falling Falcon (Front -- right direct lapel grab)
  13. Fatal Cross (Front -- two-hand attempted low grab or push)
  14. Twirling Hammers (Front -- left step-through punch)
  15. Defensive Cross (Front -- right snap ball kick)
  16. Dance of Darkness (Front -- right kick followed by a right punch)
  17. Marriage of the Rams (Right & left -- shoulder grabs / 2-men)
  18. The Ram and the Eagle (Front -- right punch / Rear -- shoulder grab / 2-men)

Long Form 4
Striking Set 2

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