Black Belt Pledge:Edit

I hold that my time and my skill are the assets of my profession, assets which grow in value as I progress in the Art until, as a Third Degree Black Belt, I stand as a fully qualified instructor. It shall also be my responsibility to protect any student from ravenous individuals who would try to take advantage of personal weakness to divest the gullible into unprofitable paths, to preserve the sacred things, God, family, country, and Association, I pledge my all.


  1. Escape from the Storm (Right flank -- right overhead club)
  2. Circling Windmills (Front -- two-hand push followed by a right punch)
  3. Destructive Kneel (Front -- right step-through punch)
  4. Bowing to Buddha (Front -- right roundhouse kick, while kneeling)
  5. Reversing Circles (Front -- left roundhouse kick & left punch combination)
  6. Reprimanding the Bears (Front -- right punch / Rear -- bear hug, arms free / 2-men)
  7. Circling the Storm (Front -- right club thrust)
  8. Unfolding the Dark (Right rear flank -- left step-through punch)
  9. Unwinding Pendulum (Front -- right kick followed by a right punch)
  10. Piercing Lance (Front -- right knife thrust, while your arms are up)
  11. Escape from Darkness (Left rear flank -- right step-through punch)
  12. Capturing the Rod (Front -- right pistol holdup)
  13. Prance of the Tiger (Right flank -- right step-through uppercut)
  14. Broken Rod (Rear -- right pistol holdup)
  15. Entwining Maces (Front -- right and left straight punch combination)
  16. Defying the Rod (Front -- right pistol holdup)
  17. Fatal Deviation (Front -- right & left punch combination)
  18. Twisted Rod (Front -- right pistol holdup)

Kata and Forms Edit

Two Man Form
Club Set 1
Finger Set 2